End of Summer

Plane Lap

These things sat upon my lap on a trip we just took to Houston, TX. It was a “vacation” of sorts, a good friend just got married so we went to celebrate. To knit or read, that was the question. I chose to do a bit of both, and that Noro yarn cake is nearly gone a week later…and that book is finished…which is pretty unheard of for me these days. That trip we took without our sweet little babies. I missed them like mad, but boy did I get a lot of reading and knitting done. It was fun to have some time to focus on myself and do whatever I wanted. I only packed my size 10 circular needles and this book that I started months ago, no toys, no kid books, and packing only a suitcase for yourself is pretty surreal when you are a Mama.
I felt sad, but excited about our 5 day adventure. I was super ready day 5 to see my babies. And they were so excited to see us too.

Simon and Gus

I haven’t stopped knitting completely with the busy days of summer, but I haven’t been as into it as I was when the weather was more frigid. I spent some time over the summer working on my sweater and I was hoping to have it done in time for Shane’s birthday which is in two weeks so that’s not going to happen, maybe Christmas? Maybe birthday next year? Hmm. I need some help reading my pattern so I’ll just plug away until I hit that point where I cannot go any further, and it is near, very near. I also used some of that Cascade cotton yarn and whipped up a little ribbed hat for baby Clara, but I haven’t taken a photo of it yet, I figured you’d probably be pretty tired of hat photos, so I’m going to really attempt branching out this fall…I promise not to bore you with continuous hats.

Carrot and Hat

Happy Knitting and I’m back in the swing, so I’ll be back to posting my projects! School is back in session and I have about 8 hours a week when both of my kids are in school, crazy! I’ll be knitting my brains out.

First Day of School

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