Finnish Elf Magic Giveaway

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I have a favorite Finnish friend, and I’m excited to announce that we’ve incorporated her magic into our January Giveaway. We’re calling our giveaway “A Few of Our Favorite Things.” She makes wearable art, pieces she sews together in her home, and they are my favorite pieces of clothing. If someone wants to guess how many I have, I might admit to it (hint: it’s a lot). She chooses high quality fabrics designed by Finnish artists. Her creations are comfortable, classy and playful. Without fail, every time I wear a “Tuuli” I get compliments.

Erika's Tuuli Heart Piece
Here is one piece, full of ‘extra’ love.

Tuuli’s creations can be admired on her Instagram page, Same Same But Different. Tuulis (what we call her pieces) usually have pockets, which is a definite PLUS, as it is often challenging to find clothing with pockets. Here is a snap of some of the fabrics/pieces we have available (stateside) right now. Unfortunately we only have a Facebook Group in place right now for viewing/selling her treasures.

Tuuli Pieces in Stock Jan 2023

It is ideal to try your piece on, but as this giveaway will likely have a winner that doesn’t live nearby, that may not be possible. I’m certain, if you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be able to find the perfect person to wear this magical piece. If it doesn’t fit you, it is sure to fit someone you love.

The Meeting

I met Tuuli on the Greek Island of Crete in 2017. My family (framily) traveled there the year I turned 40, and we rented a villa. The villa had four open rentals with a shared pool. Our crew took up three of those spaces. We hit the jackpot with the family that rented that fourth space. Tuuli and I became fast friends, and it is rare that more than a few days pass where we don’t chat.

The Villa Plus Speedos
the speedo wearing part of our ‘framily’
My sweet family in Greece
my immediate family on Elafonissi (our boys are so tiny)!

Gosh, I intended to do a blog post about this magical trip, but time got away. Looking at photos makes me long for that magical island. Tuuli and her family still vacation on Crete almost every year.

We were fortunate enough, in October 2019, to host Tuuli and one of her daughters in Montana. It felt like we had Finnish elves living in our house for a couple of weeks. We are always dreaming about plans for our next reunion. My family will definitely visit Finland, someday.

Tuuli and Erika in Montana

Back to the Giveaway!

Since, the magic of these Finnish elf creations, and Tuuli’s favorite Coming Up Rainbows products are too good to keep a secret, we’ve put together the BEST prize package for someone really lucky!

The prize package
$200 worth of treasure!

Tuuli uses her Happy and Sleepy Rollers daily. And we’ve included a few more of her favorite rainbow things: Coffee Lip Balm, Healthy Roller, Pit Stick, Lime Essential Oil and a diffuser to enjoy those citrus oils she loves so much. The sneak peek of rainbow fabric ^^ is the Tuuli piece included in the giveaway.

The Rainbow Givewaway Tuuli Piece
It could be yours! And, yes, this rainbow piece has pockets.
The current inventory and Tuuli Piece you might win
the prize and our current stock (stateside)

Good Luck! Our entry form is below.

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