First Day of School! Fish Go Round & More

Pretty exciting day at our house – as I’m sure it is at most of yours…

2nd Grade and Preschool 2!

My Kiddos

I couldn’t top the Angry Birds lunch that we shared on our Facebook Page – so we just went for something colorful!

Fish Go Round

Or 2 somethings colorful…

Raisins, Rice, Bagel and more

There is barely a difference between the two, but one kiddos like raisins…

Raisin Lover

And one is a raisin disliker….

Raisin Disliker

Now for the deets on the lunch itself – a smallish bagel 1/2 with cream cheese, swimmingly covered with Goldfish, a bit of steamed brown rice, a diced up Hebrew National hotdog from a bbq a few nights ago, a handful of edamame, ooh and some made it into the ranch dressing we like to dip into, a few cherry tomatoes from our backyard garden, some strips of bell pepper slices, a bit of organic apple, raisins (in one – but not the other), some Annie’s fruity bunnies for dessert and I have to admit this is a pretty cute looking lunch for not even making it to the grocery store all weekend, the rest of the week will be a bit more extravagant (maybe).


Happy First Day of School!



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