Frankincense – October

Ahh, how do I count the ways I love thee?
This oil is pretty much one of the most amazing oils that come in the Everyday Oils Starter Kit and pretty much one of the most amazing oils that you can possibly find. It is an ancient oil, a holy oil, and an anointing oil. This oil deepens your breathing and is a very oxygenating oil (as they all are). This is an oil that I use when I’m not sure what oil I should use for something. When in doubt, use Frankincense.
I use this oil with my kiddos – I like to put this information out right off the bat because I think it helps set people’s minds at ease about using the oils on themselves. Of course with any of the oils I always recommend you try them on yourself before you use them on your children, just so you know what you are dealing with, but this oil has been amazing when used on Simon and Gussy. Dilution is also always an option – so make sure you just patch test an area before you rub it all over yourself or your kids without diluting it.
I use it for aches and pains. Whenever someone is feverish or achy I go for this oil. I like to put it on the back of my neck and on my chest (same for kiddos). Diffusing this oil is great in situations like this as well, but I would recommend using oils to treat each symptom that you are having.
Use it for colds, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory problems.
This oil can help strengthen your immune system.
Frankincense is a good oil to use for birth and death. I used this oil on my grandfather when he was dying, I put it on his feet. He liked to have his feet rubbed anyway at that point and it is also a great oil for Parkinson’s Disease which is one of the things he died from.
This oil is anti-tumoral so it has actual cancer fighting properties.
It is an amazing oil to use on sun damaged skin and melanoma spots. It is just an all around amazing oil for skin – you can put it right on blemishes or problem areas. You should try to get into a routine of using it pretty regularly to see results, and remember just a dab will do ya, these oils are very pure and potent. Also please note this isn’t a skin care regiment, you’ll probably want to find a good safe cleanser or moisturizer to use in collaboration with your oil. Frankincense is a great oil to put in your skin cream though – but it is best if it is paraben free and chemical free (since oils will actually drive the toxins into your system) so just be sure you are choosing something safe. Frankincense can be found in many skin care products for aging and dry skin.
If you buy this oil on its own it is quite expensive – which is why if you are considering getting this oil a good way to go about it is with the Everyday Oils Starter Kit $150 retail or $115 wholesale. Frankincense is $91.78 retail & $69.75 wholesale.
It has a sweet warm smell and as I mentioned before, my go-to oil when I’m not really sure what might work the best.
One final thing to mention is that this oil is a good oil for spiritual connection and centering. It can help overcome stress and can just be an overall comforting oil. Diffuse it while you do yoga or meditation.

Visit my new blog to see old emails and new info on how I use oils in my everyday life with my family and other things I do to keep everyone healthy. I’m no expert, I’m learning as I go, but I thought I’d share and get feedback, etc. is the site. So feel free to leave comments and let me know if there are other ways you’ve used your oils that you’ve found to be effective. Also, this little blog is a work in progress as it is very brand new!

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