Fried Food and Fresh Food

Lego Maniac Lunch

Today’s lunch isn’t necessarily the healthiest I’ve ever made…but we had pub food for dinner last night. The Lego character is trying to tell us that a baguette would probably be a much healthier option. Hey, at least I surrounded the fried food with an array of fresh food, right?

Little Legs

I love the photo above because you can see tiny pjs and legs patiently waiting for breakfast. The lunch box above has some french fries, chicken strips, craisins, a strawberry frosted cookie, a clementine and some pear slices. Two different boxes of leftovers gave us a bit of variation between Simon and Gussy’s lunches this morning.

Fried Food and Fresh Food

The second lunch pictured above has some tater tots, and chicken strips – but then some freshness – clementines, diced apple chunks and some sliced carrots. Mmmm Mmmmm.

Baguette Lego

May the force be with you.


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