Give Love Month

Each year we like to give love back to the community we live in. We may not all live in this community, but the opportunity to give, without shipping, to fulfill a need right near our home, is one small way we try to make a difference.

We make body care products that fulfill needs. The two organizations we’ve chosen to love on are Soft-Landing Missoula & The Poverello Center. Both of these organizations have communicated a need for our products. I can say from personal experiences, with both organizations, that your donations help real people. I encourage you to visit the links for each of their sites above, especially if you aren’t familiar with these organizations. There are opportunities to support them in many different ways, if Pit Stick donations aren’t your jam. Both organizations have ‘in-kind’ lists on their pages. They need things like, diapers, trash bags, soaps, coats, postage stamps, bikes, etc. (Soft Landing & The Poverello)

Our Pit Stick love deal is simple.

  • Add any two Pit Sticks to your shopping cart (glitter or not).
  • If you’d like the second Pit Stick mailed to someone you love, we will do that at no extra cost to you. If this is the case, please leave a comment with the address you would like your second Pit Stick shipped to.
  • The third Pit Stick will be donated, with love, on your behalf. You have the option in our Rainbow Shop to check a box for the organization you choose.

Spread the word! This only lasts through the month of February 2020.

You might remember our love collaboration with Make-A-Wish Montana? I just dropped off another small collection of Powerbands, yesterday. Each Montana kiddo that is granted a wish is gifted a Powerband. * We’re always soliciting helpers, if you find yourself wondering what to knit next, join forces with us (pattern at the bottom of this post)! Message us and we’ll send you some tags. xo

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