Green Homestead

Gah, I really love this woman.
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Dig and I share some simple green homestead recipes we have incorporated into our lives. There are a total of four recipes in the live video: mouthwash, surface wipes, poop spray and a creamy cleanser.

Look at how cute Dig is with her jar of upcycled rags.

Sometimes big changes can feel daunting. We want to help you make it simple. We have a couple of new cleaning products in our shop that you can refill on your own.

The recipes come on the labels, easy peasy. Having a few things like baking soda, white vinegar, maybe a handful of your favorite essential oils (with good anti-microbial properties), a dash of castile soap and water can get the job done. Try some sea salt, as an abrasive, if you have some fiesty soap scum. There are natural alternatives to nearly every mainstream product on the market.

I’ve been creating tutorials, as well as some wellness videos, encompassing products we use in our family. Maybe you’ll like them too? Our tutorial on how to make these green wipes as well as a creamy cleanser can be found on our YouTube Channel.

I hope your 2020 is filled with peace and love, and maybe a few green homestead alternatives, or maybe just one. Message me with any questions you might have. I love workshopping recipes, and concocting with people.

Maybe you’ll want to check out our entire new product line? We make green alternatives to many of your body care needs at our homestead, and we can mail them to yours. You’ll see a handful of our newest products pictured above. xo

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