Healthy Heart Oils

I decided in lieu of the ‘holiday’ (if you can call it that) I wanted to share a heart story! I got permission from the source, so thank you Jan for letting me share. We talked a lot before she went in about oils that might be good for her to have on hand so I asked around and gathered quite a bit of information. Anna was at convention at the time so she had access to all kinds of amazing information from doctors, specialists and upline oil users from over the years. So I put a bug in her ear and had her ask about what oils might be good for open heart surgery.  She was actually with someone that had direct experiences with what I was asking so she found some good info for me. Before Jan’s heart surgery she’d been using oils for several months. She’d used that HRT supplement that Young Living makes on and off as well as all kinds of detoxifying and oxygenating YLEOs. She really decided to use Thieves religiously before she went in to hopefully avoid contracting some sort of virus or bacterial infection in the hospital setting. The surgery went very well and Jan actually made a super speedy recovery. She was able to go home only three days after open heart surgery which is pretty unheard of. Hospital stays are usually at least 5 days after open heart surgery. She brought her diffuser with her to the hospital and the recovery nurses were very supportive. My sister told me she was diffusing Peppermint almost constantly. The nurses all wanted diffusers in the hospital all of the time after Jan was their patient. I think the Peppermint probably helped post-op with nausea.

Jan got home and used Thieves a couple of days later and she wanted me to mention that she was a bit sensitive to it. It was just a bit too intense to use so soon, some oils are stronger than others. She used a lot of Lavender on her scar and rash (often times the surgical tape used leaves irritated skin – in her case it was very irritated) and had fairly good results with that. We also made sure she was stocked up on Joy because often times after such a major surgery depression is fairly common, of course there are a wide array of oils that can be used for this…but Joy smells delicious. The other oils we made sure she had were Aroma Life (which is great for a healthy heart) and Ylang Ylang which regulates your heartbeat and is great for calming and tension and another wonderful emotional oil.  She had Helichrysum which is wonderful for healing, it supports the circulatory system, skin, liver and nervous system. Helichrysum is also great for scar tissue and has amazing restorative properties. We also made sure she had PanAway and the Deep Relief Roller as back pain is common after heart surgery and the spreading of the breastbone.

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m forgetting but essential oils are a big part of Jan’s life and health and I wanted to share a little bit of her story on Heart Day.

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