Holiday Elfing, So Hard

This is the season, the season of mad making and holiday prep. I’m sure I’m not making enough. I’m sure I’ve committed to too many pop-up shops. I’m a newb. I’m well-aware that I’ll be adding many lessons, to the list of ‘lessons I’ve learned this year’, in these last couple months of 2017. Regardless of the decisions I’ve made, I wanted to gently remind you that I have homemade super-safe deodorant, that fits brilliantly in a stocking, up for grabs.

It looks like a holiday cookie, or a holiday drink, I’ll just throw some glitter on it. Glitter enhances most things, especially your armpits.

These roll-up oil holders are another pretty fun gift idea – $20 or $13 if you buy the complete set! I’ve been plugging away, sewing these out of upcycled sweaters, whenever I have a spare moment. I’m very thankful for this space…

The purpose of this post was namely to give you all a tiny taste of the rad people I’m going to do my very first pop-up shop along side of. During our planning meeting I had a difficult time peeling myself away from the table, because they are all so friggin’ awesome. The good news is, I get the pleasure of their presence for 2 pop-up shops. Small Business Saturday, which is an event that brings me back to my days of owning a toy shop, at The Dram Shop, is up first.

Here’s who I get… my dear friend Dig. I’m sure you all know her already. She’s internet famous, and she’s like a whole bowl full of glitter. I’m not sure exactly what she’ll have on hand, but you can shop on her site. You’ll feel good about the gifts you find there. xo

My newer farmer pals, are from Killing Frost Farm and Mighty Fine Farm. They are making wreaths, bouquets, crowns, body care products like beard oil, face oil, salves, and candles. They grow/collect the pieces/parts all spring, summer & fall, and magically assemble them for us, in the most beautiful way.

Our second event is hosted by Black Coffee Roasting Company (December 1st) – remember that special lippy balm that I make.

This holiday season is full of one delightful pop-up followed by another. We’ll be at both MADE Fairs – first in Helena then in Missoula. And, we’ll wrap it all up with a flea at Western Cider. You can find our event list on our Facebook page and I’ll list the events below, simply for you to add to your calendar.

Thank you in advance for shopping locally and supporting our tiny biz. Happy Holidays! xo

The Dram Shop – 229 E. Front Street – 1-5pm – November 25th
Black Coffee Roasting Co – 525 E. Spruce Street – 4:30-6:30pm – December 1st
Helena MADE Fair – Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds – December 2-3
Missoula MADE Fair – Adams Center – 11am-6pm – December 10th
Western Cider – 501 N. California Street – 12pm – December 16th

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