Last Day of Second Grade

I’ve been meaning to post this lunch for over a month now…and about a billion more…someday I’ll catch up. Most likely it will be when my kids are 25 and 27.

Cold School Lunch Note

I asked Simon what he wanted for his last cold lunch of second grade and he told me, “A note.” I used to get notes everyday in my lunch when I stayed at my Mom’s house. My parents were divorced when I was really young and that was one thing my mom was the bomb at – packing a super yummy lunch (with extra treats) and putting a note in there every single time. I hardly ever puts notes in my kids’ lunches. Now that Simon can read – I ought to start – before he thinks that isn’t ‘super cool’ anymore.

Fresh Raspberries, Homemade Applesauce & More

Sloppy Joe Sandwich, chocolate chip cookie, goldfish crackers, one lonely pot sticker (Simon’s fave), homemade applesauce and fresh organic raspberries, and of course the chocolate drop rainbow front and center make up the last lunch of second grade for my biggest kiddo.

And the note….

Cold School Lunch Made Your Lunch

had a super hilarious joke in it. That is one thing that each note (that I actually do write) has that Simon loves! Happy Summer!


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