Lunch Box Love

I thought I would start off the week by sharing a very sweet web site that might just be right up your alley. Lunch Box Love is the site and by gum, it is indeed Lunch Box Love. Now you can print off these sweet little riddles, notes and art to insert in your healthy lunch.

Our lunch to share today is a scrumptious one.

Lunch and Breakfast

This was a little bit of lunch and breakfast combined. Gus is enjoying his morning smoothie while I make lunch.

Turkey Patty Sandwich, Macaroni and Cheese and more

Gus’s lunch has some Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese, edemame, a turkey breast (grilled) sandwich with Veggy cheese on a thinwich, some Goldfish Crackers, carrot sticks, tiny tomatoes and the vitamin pile and strawberry frosted star cookie to enjoy. Simon’s lunch varies only slightly simply because he is a bit more sensitive to cheese/dairy.

Turkey Patty Delight

Close-up of that delicious turkey patty sandwich.

Turkey Patty Sandwich, Edemame, and More

Simon’s lunch differs only slightly because he has some raisins in place of the “Macky Cheese”, chicken chunks in place of those tiny tomatoes, and a dollop of organic applesauce.

Delicious lunches today and don’t forget to check out Lunch Box Love! It will make your heart happy.

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