Mama Rainbow Connection Giveaway

We have a winner! She has been notified – Kia Liszak! Congratulations! Happy Mother’s Day! xo

This big world is full of helpers, lovers & good people. I try to surround myself with them. Most of them are Moms (in some way/shape/form), and of course the late Fred Rogers. My main objective, as a Mama, is to do my damnedest to raise kind humans. But, I also really want to build a successful business, volunteer, pay our bills, grow our food & herbs, keep our household organized, knit, exercise, be outdoors, read books, play Animal Crossing and maintain relationships with the people I love – make rainbow connections.  I received this resume several years ago. I saved it because I loved the job description. These are just a few of ‘the hats a Mom wears’. It makes me smile, so pro.

It’s almost Mother’s Day and you’re likely one of those Mamas so you my friend, deserve to win this package of love.

I’d like to recognize each of the Mamas, that are giving away some of the good stuff they put out into the world. They aren’t just Mamas, they are my friends, my role models, my inspiration & they make up some of the strongest parts of my community. If you are local to Missoula, this package will be even more enticing, because holy shit this smattering of goods is a SCORE. I wish I could win it. In fact, that’s how I selected these Rainbow Connections. The items we’re giving away are many of the most cherished in my world, the things that make me smile and make me think of the special humans in my life that made them or are responsible for them. They are all MOMS! Fingers crossed that you’ll be the lucky Mama that wins this special collection.

I’m going to take a moment to honor each Mama, share what she does, who she Mothers, why she’s one of the loveliest people I know, AND necessary information for you to win the loot we’re all giving away.

*You’ll need to follow each of these Instagram handles to win, in addition to leaving a comment on this blog post.*

Jenny Montgomery is Heath’s Mama. Jenny is a poet, a fierce activist for people with disabilities, a stargazer, and quite likely the classiest lady I know. In addition to her written works, she’s got a distillery that she shares with the world, and especially us Missoulians. Her business is family run with deep Montana roots and all of their spirits use ingredients from the Montana landscape. Mamas, If you visit the distillery on Mother’s Day you’ll get your second drink free & you’ll definitely want to sip on the maternal punch special.

Follow @montgomerydistillery to be entered to win a $25 gift card.

Joanna Smetanka is Mama to Asa, Axel and Iia. She’s a seamstress extraordinaire and shares her Moonrush resistance wears with the universe. I’m a big fan of the caftan and Joanna. She’s been my pal for a long long time and if you have the pleasure of knowing her, you already know how lucky you are. She’s got a calming presence about her, I like it, I need it really. As for my caftan, I just wore it for 3 days in a row, you try to wear yours for just one day, I dare you.

Follow @moonrushdesigns to be entered to win a Moonrush Arrow Tank.

Katherine Sherba is Mama to Hazel and Rowan. And, she’s a Mighty Fine Farmer. Her bouquets and creations are homegrown. If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift – what about a flower share? It’s the gift that gives all season. The perks are the pick-up location (a local brewery) and you get to see this lovely human each week. I already signed myself up, because who doesn’t love fresh flowers, a hug from a sweet person, and a designated drink time once per week?

Follow @mightyfinefarm to be entered to win a fresh farm-grown bouquet.

Anna Rummel is Mama to Aurora, Turtle, Piper and Misha. I’m not quite sure where to begin with the magic this person has brought to my life. If I were planning to walk through the woods and look for fairies, having Anna by my side would make a sighting inevitable. She has been my partner in business through several endeavors and she owns/operates a magical holistic apothecary where you can get the treatments and botanical concoctions of your dreams. Apothecary Esthetics is the best place on earth to spend an afternoon getting pampered, especially if you are getting a facial from Anna.

Follow @apothecaryesthetics to be entered to win Goddess Oil & Cardamom Rose Facial Mist.

Nici Holt Cline is Mama to Margot and Ruby. She’s a homesteader, artist, seamstress, writer, master blogger, and the list goes on. If you meet her, even only on the interwebs, you’ll swoon. I met her in a Feminine Ethics class a lot of years ago, and I did. She’s a good listener, full of sound advice, that’s one of my favorite things about her and she has this energy about her that leaves you longing for more interactions and hang time. She’s Dig. One of my other pals put it best, “She’s like Oprah”, and you’ll get a sense of that if you visit Dig+Co.

Follow @digandco to be entered to win a Utility Apron & her Mama’s Herb & Spice Blend.

Taylor Valliant is Mama to Aquinnah and Oscar. She’s a graphic designer and co-owner of Noteworthy, a colorful stationary store that just moved to a brand.spankin’.new. location. It’s gorgeous, spacious and full of too many things I pine for. If you haven’t been there yet, go check it out. She’s a smart lady, whom I’ve only just recently gotten acquainted with. I love living in a town where I still meet rad ladies 22 years after I’ve been here.

Follow @noteworthypaper to be entered to win a set of printed note cards.

Melanie Gardner is Mama to Jiah and Mia. She runs The Tiny Farm in Arlee, and her goat babies are to die for. They come inside of her cute farm house, she diapers them, she loves on them, and she makes soaps with Mama’s goat milk. She dyes homespun yarn that she gets from her farm animals, using plant dyes. She’s an all around bad-ass. She spent an afternoon teaching me how to weave, with a loom that I have had for a few years. PS I probably need another lesson. She loves those timeless art forms, which is why I’m so drawn to her.

Follow @mellygardner to be entered to win some Goat Milk Bath Soap and a moisturizer.

Tuuli Luoto-Korhola is Mama to Ella and Inkeri. She’s a maker of the most lovely dresses, shirts, and a master knitter, although with her modesty she’ll argue that. Tuuli lives in Finland and I met her on the island of Crete last summer. We have kept in touch, and have constructed a friendship I am certain will last forever. Upon returning home from Greece, I got the most magical package I’ve ever received from anyone. It was packed with love, hand-knit socks & a rainbow dress. Whenever my Same Same But Different socks are dirty, getting dressed isn’t very fun. I hope we can all convince Tuuli that she needs to start selling her gifts to the world.

Follow @ssbdtlk to be entered to win a pair of hand knit socks, all the way from Finland.

Maren Wing is Charlie’s Mama. Maren wears a couple of professional hats, one is being one of the best hair stylists ’round these parts. And, the other is being the cutest cobbler ’round these parts. Her shoes/clogs are desired by many, and I don’t even own a pair yet. But I just ordered a pair, like 5 minutes ago. Bean An Ti Shoes are handcrafted by Maren, they are so rad that it is hard to imagine a human assembling them, it’s not tiny elves (or maybe it is?). Maren is always smiling, and her smile is contagious. She’s full of energy, that good energy I wish I could store up, I look forward to our visits with each haircut I require, if there are more visits, I’m always stoked.

Follow @bean_an_ti to be entered to win a custom pair of handmade clogs.

Heidi is Mama to Ivory and Sylvan. She’s a city council representative, she works for a local non-profit dedicated to helping make the north and westside communities healthy, vibrant, and engaged, here in Missoula. When you need something, really anything, Heidi will be there. She’s dependable, she always gets the job done, and shocks the shit out of all of us with her accomplishments. She’s an advocate for everyone that needs her, and she’s in it with her whole.entire.heart. Oh, and she’s an artist, gardener, and a potter. I drink out of a Sticks & Stones mug every day.

Follow @sticksnstonesworkshop to be entered to win a clay mug adorned in carved flowers.

Laura Waters is Mama to Max. She was working the other night when we sat down to dinner, at my favorite restaurant. It’s her restaurant. It’s the Red Bird Restaurant & Wine Bar, right in the heart of downtown Missoula. And it is true, if you run a business, it is important to be the face. I love seeing Laura flutter happily around, seating people, even on a Saturday night. Laura is a newer pal of mine, but I really love that she jumped on this Rainbow Connection, this is by far one of my favorite prizes. I look forward to raising a glass, on the shores of Flathead Lake, this summer with Laura.

Follow @redbirdrestaurantmissoula to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the Red Bird.

Cassie Taylor is Mama to Callum and Nell. She’s another badass, gorgeous inside and out. The first time I met this sweet bench jeweler we had a connection, and I’m pretty sure I was in tears. We run together, not as often as I’d like, she’s wayyy faster than me. Trained by her Papa, she makes the most beautiful pieces. If you take a moment you’ll see that Lumin is definitely going places. I wear a Rainbow Moonstone, and my sister has a matching one. We never take them off. Cassie made me a pair of earrings for my birthday that I rarely remove, and she even named a pair of earrings after me. She’s a dreamboat, fer reals.

Follow to be entered to win a necklace named Bertha & earrings named Chuck.

Sarah Millar is Mama to Gilly and Lucy. Sarah is always on an amazing outdoor adventure. There will not be time wasted indoors in the Millar family. I recently caught glimpse of a Habitat for Humanity build that Sarah took part in. She bikes, skis, bags peaks, and owns the Dram Shop. And, in spite of not being a beer drinker (I opt for the cider on tap or a glass of wine), I LOVE this taproom. It has great ambiance and revolving local artists featured on the walls (usually outdoor themed).

Follow @dramshopmt to be entered to win a $10 gift card.

Cindy Laundrie is Mama to Phoenix & Carson. She’s a force of nature. I love her to bits. She’s one of the funniest humans I’ve ever met, she’s a no-bullshit friend, and she always tells it like it is. She’s a musician, dancer, artist (one of her pieces hangs on our wall), organizer extraordinaire, and she always brings the party. She will make you laugh until you pee yourself. She took the reigns at my wedding and organized the shit out of it, without prompting. She has the art of seeing where there is a need, and filling it.  She’s got an award-winning pizza restaurant and she’s definitely got your back.

Follow @bigapizzamt to be entered to win a $25 pizza gift card.

Aimee McQuilkin is Mama to Quinn and Macy. I spend holidays with Aimee, she’s one of the closest friends in my world, she’s family. Our birthdays are only days apart, and we were fortunate enough to celebrate our 40th birthdays on the Island of Crete last summer. She’s full of adventure, spunk, and so much love. She is always cooking up a new idea and loves combining forces and making magic happen. She bikes, hikes, yardsails, takes her friends on trips, recommends the best books, and brightens all the spaces she embodies. My life would be kinda boring without her. She knows what’s hip and has a rad clothing store to prove it. She’s Betty, from Betty’s Divine and Divine Trash Vintage is another one of her collaborative endeavors. You should join the Trash Club (like me!) – you get a package mailed to you each month with a treasure selected

Follow @bettysdivine & @divinetrashvintage to be entered to win a snail face mask, nail/vanity kit, & one month of Trash Club.

And finally, my own rainbow gift. Being Simon and Gus’s Mama is the best job I’ve ever had, and the most important job I’ve ever had. I’m not always very good at it, but sometimes I’m really good at it. The key to mothering is loving, and sitting in all of the uncomfortable shit that crops up without bailing. I love my kids, real hard. I’m fortunate to usually be around when they get home from school, and see them off in the mornings. I spend as many waking moments with them as possible, unless they are playing Fortnite, I stay out of the room.

Follow @cominguprainbows to be entered to win a Pit Stick, Rainbow Roller Set & Lippy Balm.

Mama – Remember to scroll through this post, and follow ALL of these Instagram accounts, AND leave a comment below. This is a pretty sweet gift package, you definitely want to be in the running. Winner will be announced on Mother’s Day Eve – so complete these requirements before midnight on May 12, 2018.

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