Melrose for February

Simon the Melrose Lover

I’m always looking for an excuse to throw a photo of my kids in the mix…here is Simon the Melrose Lover wearing his new Scott Farkus hat (A Christmas Story).

This oil is yet another oil I never run out of. I’m pretty sure I say that everytime I talk about a new ‘oil of the month’ so you’re probably envisioning this house filled with essential oils and you’re pretty right on. I was noticing last night that there are oils in nearly every room, the problem is that now I can’t ever find them when I’m looking for one in particular. This one is usually right on Simon’s dresser top. The boy is prone to wicked ear infections. I guess it is just the way his little Eustachian tube lies.

This oil is a Young Living blend. It has Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove, and Niaouli (Melaleuca Quinquenervia) in it. It smells positively medicinal to me, which makes perfect sense when you read the ingredients.

I put this oil on Simon’s neck and around the rim of his ear as a preventative measure lately, wintertime and cheese encourage runny noses at our house. I also rub a bit of it under his jaw bone on the side of his face that is more prone to get an infection. Whenever snot shows up, this oil starts getting applied. He LOVES the way it smells. One morning I let him take it to school in his backpack because he was complaining of an earache when he woke up. I told him how he could put it on and to just be really careful about how much he used. He used it during the day – I supposed when his ear felt funky or maybe he just remember he had it. Of course he’s been asking if he can take it all of the time now, “My teacher and my friends said it smelled so good! Please can’t I take it again?”

So, as you probably gathered this oil is a great infection fighter. It is also a good fungus killer. If you have a skin fungus or wart this oil might be just the ticket.

It can be used to heal cuts, bruises, scrapes, insect bites, burns, rashes, cold sores, canker sores, and candida. I just read (because I had no idea) that is also helpful when used for tissue regeneration from damage or injury.

It is a great oil to use when dealing with respiratory problems.

It is a great oil to diffuse to kill odors, it will leave your room with a fresh/clean smell.

Back to the whole ear thing…I’ve read different opinions about putting oils directly into your ear, but I would never recommend this. I have however, on myself – a grown-up (most of the time), put a cotton ball with Melrose and Peppermint on it just right inside my ear to help heal an ear infection. I don’t do this with Simon however. I’m assuming his ear infections will start to taper off as he gets a little bit older, as is usually the case with childhood ear infections. We do a lot of chiropractor visits and cranial sacral to work fluids around his sweet little melon and all of this helps.

I’ll mention one more time, because I like to from time to time, the info that I’m sharing is just an array of personal success with oils, I’m no doctor. Dilution with children is a good idea and as always heed caution when using on children under the age of 1. I would probably stick to the basics like Roman Chamomile and Lavender for a tiny wee one.

This oil comes in a 15 ml bottle and it is $22.70 retail and  $17.25 wholesale. It is a good healer to add to your first aid kit.

Stay Warm, Stay Happy (use your Feelings Kit!) and hold strong winter will end. Someday…

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