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Okay so here it is…my attempt at blogging. I didn’t do anything spectacular today, oil-wise, but we had an amazing fall day relaxing.

Gussy drifted off to sleep with a combo of Grapefruit Oil and Lavender Oil in his diffuser and a drop or two of Copiaba and Thieves on each foot. We learned recently that it is great to pair these oils because Copaiba acts as an amplifier when used with another oil. So I’m actually putting Thieves x3 on his feet when I pair them up.

Simon had some Pine and Clove in his diffuser and the same combo as his little brother on his feet.

I’ve been fighting off something, so with a little sore throat I’ve been putting Thieves on my neck all day and occasionally spraying some of the Thieves spray into my throat. I’m out of Inner Defense right now so I’ve got to try and use other methods. I put a little bit of Melrose on my neck today today (which is great for fighting off infection) and I did something that was recommended to me by Anna after she got back from convention and in my Ningxia Red a few mornings ago I put a drop of Clove, Lemon and Orange oil and it really seemed to help me feel better, since I was also out of Thieves then…no wonder I’m not 100%. I always said I wouldn’t run out of Thieves…whoops.

A little Peace & Calming and I’m off to sleep!

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