Oregano for March


This is a super powerful oil! I decided to take a powerful route this month.

We are still in the midst of cold and flu season and everyone is in need of oils that help to boost immunity, oils to use as a Thieves substitute, and oils that are effective in battling viruses. This might just be your ticket. I have a list of things that I’ve used Oregano for in our family and one perk is that you can cook with it, but keep in mind you barely even need a smidgen of it to taste it throughout your dish. I would say probably dipping a toothpick in your oil bottle and then into your food would be more than enough. An important thing to keep in mind when using essential oils is that even a small quantity (a drop or two) will do the trick. I try and remind people that frequency is more important – since these oils are volatile substances they don’t linger in your system for long periods of time so applying, eating and diffusing frequently are the keys to using your oils in the most effective way possible.

Now for Oregano. Like many of my precious oils, I detested the scent of oregano the first time I came into contact with it, and it hasn’t gotten any better. It is overpowering. If you put a handful of oils on this is the only one that seems to linger, in this Mama’s nose anyway. Shane always says “You smell like gyros” when we use this oil…I’m not gettin that delightful gyro smell through this sniffer though.

Oregano is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic and an immune stimulant.

In the last week, we have used Oregano (diluted) to treat molluscum, this will be an ongoing treatment. I’ve been putting the oil right on the bottoms of Gussy’s feet daily (I should really be doing it twice a day) as an antifungal treatement. I also picked up some Neem salve and I’ve been mixing it with Oregano and applying it directly to the little bumps.

Applying Oils

I’ve also used it on myself as an immune booster in this past week. We probably went through almost an entire bottle this winter because we use it so frequently. I wouldn’t use it as frequently if I let smell make my decisions, but the stuff works, I mean it really really works.

We rid Simon’s little 6 year old body of warts, he had a couple of warts on his finger as well as a pair on his feet. We were applying Lemon oil and Oregano every single night for at least 2 months and when I finally got SERIOUS about it, and didn’t forget even one night, they disappeared. We just revisited this a couple of days ago and realized we couldn’t even remember where they were anymore. I got some props for that treatment. I love it when my oils work…it makes me feel awesome, and much more comfortable about what a dork I can be when it comes to recommending them to everyone I know on the earth.

Oregano is a choice oil for colds. It is wonderful for respiratory issues: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia (viral and bacterial), and whooping cough.

This oil can help with digestion problems and help with balancing metabolism.

It is great to diffuse (if you can stand it) and will kill airborne bacteria.

This oil is great for arthritis/rheumatism (long term).

In case it wasn’t clear from the onset of this post, Oregano can be used as a dietary supplement.

Please note this oil is a hot oil, dilution may be necessary. And I would dilute when using on children, although I apply to feet bottoms undiluted. Dilution can be 1 part Oregano 4 parts V-6 (olive oil).

Ooh I just read that Oregano has anti-aging properties. Again much of this info I take from the following two books.

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The big Essential Oils Desk Reference will be in its 5th edition and released at the beginning of April. If you would like information on how to get your hands on one…let me know. The other guide you can order from Abundant Health along with a million other useful tools to get the optimum use out of your therapeutic grade essential oils.

Stay healthy – spring is almost here.

Disclaimer: Not everyone thinks that Oregano smells as badly as I do.



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