Pasta Salad (with cheese), Chips and Hummus and More

Pasta Salad, Chips and Hummus and More

I’ve been kind of into adding whatever greens and other protein I can when breaking down and making macaroni and cheese for my kids – simply because I’m riddled with guilt for giving them cheese – well and I guess it makes it a bit more healthy. Chip and hummus are a fave around here, so we indulge often. The double apple attack isn’t uncommon around our house – applesauce and apple bites today. Hardboiled hen eggs are a fave around here, and lucky for us we have the hens right in our backyard ! That pasta I mentioned near the beginning it has hints of Hebrew National hotdogs as well as some fresh broccoli. And the vitamins, don’t forget the vitamin(s).

Double Mac Lunch

And the lunch train before I sign off.

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