Pickle Soup

When we host a big group of people in the winter, we make Pickle Soup & of course sourdough. It is definitely at the tippy top of our family favorite list. I have been asked multiple times for the recipe, which I cannot take credit for, but I’m here to share it (morphed a bit from her origins).

Pickle Soup Recipe

Pickle Soup for the Yurt

We made it this weekend for a holiday gathering at the yurt, but our gathering sadly was snowed out. We thought our family of four/five would be eating Pickle Soup all week. I made it yesterday for 40 people and it’s almost gone.

To give credit where credit is due. My bff in high school shared this recipe with me. Here we are when she came to visit me in college after I’d moved to Montana, circa 1996.

Lil blurry: This is back when I could climb a mountain in Glacier NP in sandals and a bikini top. Actually, I’m sure I still could, but that shit would look a little bit differently today.

Enjoy the soup, and definitely take some liberties, you won’t regret it.

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