Rainy Day Beanbags

LentilsBean Bag

With the rain comes much creativity at our house. I love cozy rainy days. We’ve had a whole pile of them lately so Gussy and I decided we’d make some beanbags the other day when we needed something to entertain us.

First – we ate a banana – well I didn’t, I detest bananas, but Gussy ate while we concocted our plan.


Second we found some scrap fabric – Gus chose his favorites. I just cut the scraps of fabric into 8″ x 5″ pieces. I stitched along the sides, probably should have triple stitched but I just did a single straight stitch. I made sure to leave an opening for the beans.

Inside Out insideout beanbag

Next we dug in our pantry and found some beans (we actually used Lentils) to fill our bags. We flipped the material around so we were filling them right-side-out…not inside-out. We tried to leave a bit of empty space in the bags, so they would be a little bit softer than rocks. We wanted them to be a good inside toy…no broken windows on a rainy chilly day.

Beans and Empties Pour them in Filling Beanbags

After our bags were filled we headed back to the craft room to stitch the beanbags closed. Gussy played with the stick pins, which is one of his favorite passtimes. We have a magnetic pin grabber so he likes to take all pins off and “suck” them back up. I stitched the bags closed and we were ready to  play our game.

Stitch Closed

We are lucky enough to have a very fun wool rug in our living room that is covered with circles. We got points for throwing the beanbags inside the pink circles. The second part of the game we used a circle of leftover yarn from a blanket Mama made. We tossed the beanbags into the yarn circle and then to make things a little bit less challenging we ended up just making a yarn line to throw the beanbags across, this made Gussy’s points skyrocket!

The Toss Little Beanbag Hands No Points

After our game got a little bit old we ended up using the other beans we’d found for some more crafting with GLUE! Glue is the best!

Bean Bowl Glue Beans 3D Beans

We also put a few beans in a baggie with a wet paper towel to watch them sprout and a few days later they are already sprouting! Pretty darn fun bean-filled rainy day for me and my jippy!

Filling Beans

Happy Crafting!

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