Ravioli Bird Lunch


We aren’t eating the bird for lunch, just to clarify.

We got a new bird from Santa and he has an awful lot of spunk. This is my big kid (er a cobra) and our bird, that has too many names, his best friend. It is pretty rare that you see Simon without the bird. This was while I was preparing lunches so I snapped a quick shot. IMG_0976

This is the lunch – leftover baked butternut squash ravioli with a sauce I whipped up using some canned tomatoes. It was pretty delicious the night before, and I neglected to ask Simon how it was the next day, but it was gone when he got home from school. I make assumptions sometimes.


Looks pretty tasty right now.


The rest: Fig cookies, clementine, kiwi, chocolate drops, diced apple and lactose free yogurt.


Both boys will occassionally practice some piano in the morning. I’m serenaded through cold lunch prep.  *Don’t miss the bird in this photo atop the cobra’s head.* 154156_10151431166853035_102916744_n

Happy Lunching!

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