Sexy Carrots

Gus grew his own carrots this year. 20130902_111120

And some peas.


In our family garden we’ve got tomatoes coming out of our ears.



We even share with our backyard hens, sometimes.

Those sweet hens give us delicious eggs to eat in our lunches, so a fresh tomato every now and again isn’t hard to part with. Today’s main course was a burrito with black beans, fresh garden tomatoes and a backyard hen egg. We’re lucky people.


What is the saying? She has legs up to her neck.


Sexy carrots! The rest of that lunch ain’t to shabby either. Those fresh garden tomatoes are awfully pretty. We also munched on clementines, homemade zucchini bread (from a friend), blueberry lactose free yogurt with blueberry eyes and almond teeth, diced apple, and backyard plums.


Fall Harvest Time = Lunchbox Magic


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