Simple Napkins

Muslin Napkins Rolled

In lieu of the approaching wedding…I thought I would share a simple wedding craft.

The Bride to Be

Meet Niki – she’s a Ninja! She decided that a sweet wedding favor would be a simple muslin napkin and I couldn’t agree more.

Muslin Stitched Muslin

So the plan was to knock out about 250 of these bad boys and as far as I know – it is done. All I did was stitch a straight stitch around the edges in some form of green thread about 150 times. It was super quick on my speedy machine, nothing fancy, just to prevent fraying. No hemming. No ironing. These napkins are going to look simply beautiful on the outdoor wedding tables at the Moon Randolph Homestead on June 26th. One of the gurus at Selvage Studio (my favorite local fabric store) suggested the simple straight stitch around the edge and that is all that the crafty ladies did.

The Bride Stitching Pretty Green Stitch The Bridesmaid Stitching

One of my favorite humans on earth – brought her stunningly beautiful Singer Sewing Machine – so we would have a couple of machines to work with. How does the saying go – “Something Old…

Singer Pretty Singer

Something New…

New Muslin Green Stitch

Something borrowed…

My Sewing Machine

And…the rest is yet to come…

Happy Wedding and Happy Crafting!

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