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I’d decided a while back that I’d try and feature a friend, in between each of my personal posts because I have such incredibly inspirational crafty friends. I don’t know if I’ve stuck to my promise, but here is another dear dear crafty companion of mine. Anna Rummel is a Mama of four and the creator/owner of Starlight Arts (here she is on Facebook).

Chickadee Bird Bag

My relationship with Anna began back when I opened up my little toy store. She came in to see me, very pregnant, with a basket full of delicious toys that she’d crafted. Little did I/we know then that 5 years later, she would be crafting toys for my store (that are favorites in our local community) – her toys have even been featured in Mothering Magazine’s Annual Toy Review for the past couple of years in a row!

Rainbow Silks

Playsilks are at the top of the list, and she dyes them herself. They are definitely favorites around my house! They are one of the best creative toys around, children will imagine themselves into fairies, pirates, mamas, aliens, superheros, the list goes on and on and on, and all they need is a 3’x3′ colorful piece of silk.

Felted Balls Felted Detail

She felts – using felting needles she can create just about anything – which blows my mind! She makes balls made from raw wool look like the earth, moon, sun, clouds, stars, etc. She felts detail onto some of her dolls. She actually felts animals – chicks, sheep, gnomes, bunnies, caterpillars, snails, just to name a few.

Felted Snail Felted Turtle

Um, amazing right? I wish I could show photos of all of them – this would be one long post though! Some of her toys can be found in her Etsy shop but there is generally a much larger selection at WST. She makes crowns, wands, an array of toys that you can feel good about sharing with kids in your life. They definitely encourage imagination. I’ll just end with a few more photos – the toys speak for themselves. I am happy I have found such a dear friend and her craft fills such a niche in our community, in my store and in my life with my own babies. We love Starlight Arts!

Doll and Bird Bunting Babies Silks and Crowns

Felted Bag Felted Goodies

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