Sushi & a Ham Wrap


Sushi rolls might be one of the most pleasing things to put in lunches. They are real eye candy. My biggest kiddo loves sushi so every now and again we’ll get a roll and save it until the next day for lunch. This happens to be a veggie version with tofu, carrots, avocado and a bit of cucumber. IMG_0933

This is the little kiddo’s lunch for today. Ham, pickles and ranch rolled into a flour tortilla is the sushi substitution. IMG_0934

Notice our pretty new birdie in the background. He’ll probably show up in a lot of our lunch prep posts. He loves to hang out with us in the morning when we’re making lunches. IMG_0938

Just a slightly different view of each lunch and the rest of what I packed: Fig cookies, clementines, diced apple, lemon pasta (one of our favorites!), blueberry soy yogurt, and some chocolate drops for dessert. I am pretty sure the chocolate drops aren’t generally saved until the end of lunch…but I guess I might be surprised. IMG_0939

Happy Cold Lunch my little loveys!

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