Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Turkey Stromboli

Where did the time go?

We’ve been busy…but we haven’t stopped making lunches. Everybody needs to eat right? So we’re still going strong just not so good about posting these days (weeks/months). You see we’ve got a remodel/expansion happening at our toy store. And the holidays brought the busy bluster they bring to each of you, and I’m just sitting down with a cup of tea and decided it was high time I posted a few lunches…so here we go.

This is from our Thanksgiving Leftovers…and I have some older than that I haven’t had a chance to share, but I liked the looks of this one just now as I was paging through the “past.” I made a mean (and by mean I mean a delicious) Stromboli with stuffing, turkey, cranberries and mashed potatoes. The dough I made from scratch so it wasn’t a quick process, but it actually doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to piece this whole meal together (as long as you have your leftovers). It was really good, really filling and we had leftovers of that too. So this lunch is made from double leftovers – lucky boy. The dollops of mashed potatoes are always a hit whether they are warm or cold. The rest: Teresa’s pineapple and ritz cracker dessert (if anyone wants the recipe I have that one too), a green apple, some organic mandarin oranges, some sunflower seeds, a dinner roll and some vitamins. Just about the same size as Thanksgiving dinner – hope you are hungry today Simon.

We’ll be in touch more often, you have my word.

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