The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand is how Gus started Kindergarten and I remember Simon doing the same. I sat in each of their classrooms, while their teacher read that book, on the first day of school and cried. I like to think of my lunches as my ‘kissing hand’.

If only I could send a lunch this pretty every single morning. There just isn’t anything like that morning sunshine coming in our windows. I start to miss it right around this time of year. Lunches look so much prettier when we have longer days to fill them with freshly grown goodies.

We eat a lot of Tofutti around here. I should rephrase, “we” don’t, my kids do. They both have slight dairy allergies so we cut the dairy where we can. They don’t even notice the difference between cream cheese and Tofutti, lucky!

Today we have some freshly diced apples, a blueberry bagel with Tofutti, fresh organic strawberries, green grapes, a sliced cucumber from our farmer’s market, a pluot, a strawberry star cookie surrounded by some jolly beans, and a kissing hand for good measure are the eats for today.

And just in case you don’t care for the strawberry cookies, like Mr. Gus, you can substitute a lemon-covered almond. Mmmmm.

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