The Road to Wellness

We’ve still got a family of sickies over here. August has a fever now (my 2.5 year old) so I’ve been using a lot of Frankincense on him to ease his little aches and pains.
I tried a trick last night that I heard might work on my ear. It has been plugged up for over a week, making it hard to hear and just overall really frustrating. I’ve been using Melrose like crazy on my neck, but last night I tried some Peppermint all around my ear – and the put a drop on a cotton ball and put it just on the inside of my ear. It felt cool and tingly all night long but so far I’m not noticing a huge difference. I’m tired of not being able to taste my food and not being able to hear from my right ear. I feel a lot better – yesterday was the first day I felt like I had a normal amount of energy in quite a while. I have to admit I took a little break from my oils and I’m also definitely not as good at applying them to myself as I am to my kids. I also came to the conclusion that they probably needed to get sick too, so I haven’t been as anal as I usually am. Simon is completely well today, just an occasional lingering cough. He went to school this morning though. So it’ll just be Gussy and I – the sad sacks that we are – chilling out today at the store. Gus will watch movies in the office by the diffuser and I’ll be unpacking a whole mess of new toys just hoping my ear clears (feeling much better at least). I still have clogged sinuses for sure, so I’m guess it is an infection, but I have no pain and no fever, so I’ll probably just do a round of Eucalyptus on my face later and I like to put R.C. under my nostrils…and of course we’ll be using Thieves (even after our brief break from it) and if Gussy’s fever persists I’ll use Peppermint on his little feet to pull it out (which I’ve had success with numerous times). Wish us well, we need some get better vibes at our house. heh.

Oh one more good trick. I’ve had a bit of a cough as well, so I like to put R.C. on my hands and chest and then cup my face with my hands while I fall asleep, if my cough wakes me up in the night. It is sure-fire way to make me feel better. And it never hurts to put a little Peace & Calming on my feet to drift back to sleep more easily, especially after I felt Mister August last night and realized he had a fever again. I tend to worry and keep myself awake longer than I need to be.

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