Which Pit Stick is for Me?

With four Pit Sticks to choose from, how do I know which one will work the best for me?

All of our deodorants are natural, effective and made with safe ingredients that are plant-based, and can typically be found in your kitchen. We have four options available, because we know everyone’s body is unique. We want to make sure you can find your match.

safe pit stick selection guide

Making a Selection

If you’ve never tried a natural deodorant before, you’ll want to try our Regular Pit Stick. This is our tried and true version, that won’t let you down. We know it will work. It will keep you smelling fresh all day!

Do you want to give your pits a little bit of sparkle? Maybe you’d like some shimmer during your Pilates class. Maybe you’re headed to a gala and you want your pits to match your sparkle attire. Add the Glitter Pit Stick to your cart! This super safe option has the same exact ingredients as our Regular Pit Stick, with a hint of bio-degradable sparkle.

Do have a sensitivity to essential oils? Rest assured, we only use very high quality essential oils in our products, no synthetics, but your body might be allergic to lavender or peppermint. In that case, you’ll want to select our Unscented Pit Stick. This option is also baking soda FREE!

The final option would be if you know you’re sensitive to baking soda. Maybe you’ve tried a natural deodorant and baking soda was the bacteria buster, and your armpits didn’t accept that challenge. Our Sensitive Pit Stick will keep you smelling fresh without the pesky baking soda. Bonus, we’ve added that familiar hint of lavender and peppermint.

Do you still have questions?

Please read through our Pit Stick PSA, if you’re transitioning from another product. It is full of hot tips that can ease that transition.

Also, visit our “Is my deodorant safe?” guide. Do you know what is in your current pit product that might be unsafe? Are you using an antiperspirant? Let’s chat about ways to protect your lymph, glands and endocrine system. Your pits are full of precious bits.

As ALWAYS, we love fielding questions and we want to make sure you find the safest deodorant for your unique body. We’ll walk you through the process. Leave a comment below, email us, or visit our Rainbow Shop to read more or find our contact form.

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