Winter Wellness

If you are feeling like you don’t know where to start…read on…
So I figured in lieu of the freezing cold weather in Missoula, and the fact that I have a wicked cold right now (because I ran out of Thieves and Inner Defense) I’d send an email to all of you about oils that you might want for your toolkit this winter. If you do Essential Rewards you could start adding a couple of these oils to your order each month throughout the winter to build up your kit, and if you don’t do the Essential Rewards program, it might be a perfect time to start – then you can get these oils for yourself and if you aren’t happy with the program you can cancel in two months and cash in your points for something free! Might as well get something for nothing while you’re filling your medicine cabinet, right?
We are still planning to hold a wellness class, but a lot of you don’t live here and for the rest of you, I don’t want you wondering what you should put on your Essential Rewards order.
Okay let’s get started…
The oils listed below are just the oils that I have in my medicine cabinet at all times, but by no means the only oils that work for these particular things.
*Thieves *- of course is a total must! If you can’t remember why please visit my blog again. I could go on and on and on for hours about how much everyone on earth needs Thieves! is my blog. If you search under the “Monthly Oils” section you’ll see Thieves there. This is a must to protect yourselves from the flu (even H1N1)!
*Copaiba *– This is the amplifier of all amplifiers, it makes your Thieves stronger, it makes your Peppermint stronger, it makes every oil it is paired with more potent.
*Oregano* – Anti-viral and great to use on the days that you aren’t using Thieves…or just an all around great oil for colds and viruses. I like to put some V-6 along the spine and then use oregano. It aids in killing viruses that like to live along your spinal column.
*Inner Defense* – Thieves in a capsule…for adults! But I take it everytime I feel something coming on and it always goes away!
*Melrose* – Amazing for ear infections. I’ve been rubbing it on my neck constantly to fight a possible ear infection that is making its way into my head. I use this on my kiddos necks also. Just rub along the area where the eustachian tube is.
*Eucalyptus (Radiata) *- Doesn’t necessarily have to be your Eucalyptus pick – there are many options – this is just the one that is kid friendly and I like it to, so it’s a great option. I put this in our steam humidifier (the place designated for oil not mixed in the water). I also rub all over my chest and my kiddos chests and it is a great oil to diffuse!
*R.C*. is a must have! It stands for Respiratory Care. It is the best respiratory care around if you ask me. I rub it all over my kiddos. I have a good friend that likes to put it right beside each nostril when she has sinus stuff going on. I’ve been using it like a mad woman the past couple of days! It is the best for Simon’s seal cough that he gets each time he gets sick. Any cough at all needs some RC!
*Exodus II* – which I don’t have but it is a super bug buster also! I can’t ever seem to get it on my order, but it will definitely be on my next order.
*Peppermint* – is amazing for congestion as well. Stuffy nose and diffuse this in a room and it will totally help. With my kiddos when they wake up at night as they are coming down with a new cold, I start diffusing this and they don’t wake up again…if it is just a case of the sniffles that is. This oil is also amazing for nausea! Just a few drops on the pillow helps with nausea…and I like to rub it right on bellies when they are upset.
*Di-Gize* – is another amazing oil for your belly. I put it right on my stomach and use it on my kids as well. It is great for diarrhea and nausea. This is an oil I use a lot of. If I eat something weird or if we’re feeling buggy we rub some Di-Gize on our bellies and about 10 minutes later we’re all fixed up.

So that’s a start, of course there are tons more but I thought a little start wouldn’t be a bad idea. Most of these oils are outside of the starter kit besides Peppermint and Thieves that is…so you can see why if you plan to fill your medicine cabinet, Essential Rewards is a good idea for you! At least for a couple of months anyway. Plus you’re probably running out of the everyday oils frequently enough that you’ll probably want to refill those.

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