Wool Felt Patchwork Valentines

Wool Felt Pile

What to do with a pile of Wool Felt this big?

For the past two years I’ve made felt Valentine’s for my sweetest little loveys. I’m constantly impressed by the wide array of stitches my sewing machine is capable of. I wish I could take credit for the beautiful stitches but my machine does it all for me (except for the steering).

Sewing Machine Stitches

Small Heart

I try my damnedest to salvage every single piece of that felt – this project is a perfect example of how to use tiny scraps.

Stitching Scrap Use Simon's Valentine

Even the back looks fun. I have some variegated thread * more colors = more fun.

Back Stitches

My kids still have their Valentines from last year hanging on the wall. If we manage to save them all over the years maybe when they are big I’ll patch them onto a quilt or pillow. I’m sure they’ll be stoked when they are 18 to have a heart pillow and quilt from their Mama to move out of the house with. Based on what I’m told right now, neither of them are ever moving out, if they could only stay 3 and 6.

2010 Valentine Love

Simon's 2010 Valentine

Quick and Easy! Happy Stitching!

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