Big Dipper Lippy Love

I’ve been chompin’ at the bit to share the most recent addition to the rainbow shop. It’s a colorful/flavorful collaboration with Big Dipper Ice Cream! Which, by the way, is the best ice cream in Missoula, probably the world, just ask my kids.

If you don’t live here and you’re planning to visit, Big Dipper’ll need to be on your list of destinations. The steady line stretching across the parking lot in the summer is a testimony to the happiness, in cone form, you collect at their sliding glass windows. Big Dipper’s list of awards for best ice cream is long and #ohboy deserved.

We (our family) just so happens to have an extra special connection to this Montana ice cream shop.  Having a connection to a famous ice cream shop… is pretty rad. Charlie, the founder of / genius behind Big Dipper, sent me this message – “Big Dipper flavors in lip balm! Go!” – that’s not a message you turn down. And now lucky you can possess a rainbow of five popular ice cream (or sorbet) flavors, in lip balm form.

My firecracker niece Evelyn, took the creative reigns on this label. Her papa (my brother-in-law) manages this magical ice cream shop. He is responsible for that bright yellow Ice Cream Truck that travels about town (Coneboy), and he’s part owner of the Billings, MT Big Dipper shop – hence our special connection.

It only made sense to have Ev tackle the artwork. I pieced a few of her drawings together and the label couldn’t be more perfect.

The Flavors:

That final flavor ^^ is Evelyn Mae. I told you – firecracker.

I was there when she made her earth entry. She spent some of her tiny days with me, in an Ergo, at Walking Stick Toys. She’s in kindergarten now and she’s mighty. I mean it.


Go grab a scoop, support a super rad ice cream shop, or pop by our rainbow shop and grab a flavor. If you buy all five lippy flavors – you’ll get a free kid cone coupon in your package. xo

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