Birthday Lunch

Bagel Sandwich, Banana and More

Today we have a bagel sandwich with ham, tomatoes from our garden, and a bit of cream cheese. The sides are a lemon daisy cookie, pesto pasta (the favorite summertime score), strawberries, kiwi and nectarine (all of the organic variety) and a 1/2 banana – carved…

Birthday Banana

Guess who turned 7!?!

Cherry Tomatoes Variation

The variation is slight…but Simon had some raisins about his 1/2 banana and Gus is in love with the cherry tomatoes from our garden so he’s got a grip of them. The center differs a bit. Simon has a daisy cookie and Gus has a few Annie’s fruit bunnies.


I love this time of year more than any other. I’m stoked on our harvest for the year. Who says you can’t grow stuff in Montana? Happy Lunching!


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