Hot Dog Train

Hot Dog Train

Looks like a hot dog train. We are also pretty into chips and hummus these days. The boys would eat an entire container of hummus if I let them, in one snack sesh. Tortilla chips are organic and hummus is not Mama-made, but I suppose it could be, I don’t know if it would be quite as yummy though.

We’ve got two Hebrew National Hot Dogs on Wheat Montana Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns, organic applesauce for the sweet treat, and a handful of nuts in one lunch box and Craisins in the other. Gus hates Craisins. The diced apples that are a staple around the Hickey house. And the standard vitamin pile that keeps us kickin’ all winter long completes the lunch today.
You can see our breakfast in the background. Some mornings I make breakfast, lunch and dinner in the crockpot all at 7AM. The waffle stack is made from Mama’s Gluten Free Pancake mix (not because we have a gluten free diet – but because that is the best fluffiest pancake mix around). Syrup topped and delish.

Chips, Hummus, Apples and More

Happy Tuesday! Oh Honest Kids Juice Bag to wash it all down. Ahhh.

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