Lions Licks

Someone really really special to me, made something really really special called Lions Licks, and it’ll be in the rainbow shop for a limited time.

There are some people in this world that you just end up having a special link with. I’ve know this one since she born, an entire 16+ years ago. She’s fantastic. She dances, she’s a gymnast, she concocts things (for your lips), she digs superheros, she makes a mean cake pop, she’s kind, she’s loving, & she takes care of people. She (and her mama) orchestrated a flash mob for me on my 40th birthday, she’s mind-blowingly thoughtful. She is one of my favorite people in the whole. entire. world.

Here is a video of the flash mob. I can’t even. Fer realz, I can’t even. It was magic, and it made salty water pour out of my face. (video cred. to volumen1)

Lions Licks are made with safe ingredients and you’ll be supporting this dancing queen if you buy one, two, three, four or five, from our shop. She’s raising money for gymnastics, dance fees, and her dance team, she needs to raise $1000. That’s more than 250 licks. Let’s help her!

Because, I promise, she would help us. xo

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