Love Your Body – Yoga DIY

In lieu of GIVE LOVE month, I’ve decided on a love your body series. Each week I make a video that pertains to wellness, in some way.shape.form. You can see a whole slew of them on our channel.

I know I’ve mentioned Yoga, in this space before. It saves my brain, keeps me grounded and I love having access to it. I especially love Yoga with Adriene, right in my living room. I also love going to a class at O Therapy, taught by a dear friend. So, whether you have an online yoga routine or you go to a studio, you probably need to clean your mat.

It’s simple, see? If you want any of those yummy oils, please reach out on the contact page, or here, I would love to hook you up. xo

Adriene has plenty of 30 Day courses you can choose from. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to fit one more thing in my day. But, then I search for a 10 minute video. Bam, I’m feeling more centered and good about loving my body.

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