Weird Apple, Bagel Sandwich and Hummus Face

Weird Apple, Bagel Sandwich and More

We’ve got a bagel sandwich today that my kids would eat everyday if we had the goods on hand. This one is filled with lettuce, tomato, and ham. This sideways apple was a funny find, the core went completely sideways, turned a corner. The cherry tomatoes are from our backyard garden, and that previously mentioned apple is from our backyard tree. Blue corn chips and a funny faced hummus monster with carrot hair (I love carrot hair apparently), homemade applesauce, fig cookies and garlic poppyseed sticks, and some chocolate colored drops (M&Ms in bulk) fill the rest of the cold school lunch.

Hummus Face

Oh little raisin mouth nose dude.

Weird Apple

Halloween is getting closer! And closer! And closer! Getting excited!


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