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This is a tiny part of what we call our “art room” and boy is it ever an art room. I feel like one of the luckiest humans on earth to have all that we have, and to be as happy as a lark pretty much constantly, this definitely isn’t something I take for granted. It is however one of our very favorite rooms in our house. I spend a lot of time in here by myself and with my kids.

Craftin Painting

They have plenty of crafting goodies to choose from so this is our favorite rainy/cold day space. We decided to put a big closet in here (since we just remodeled recently), but it looks as if we have two separate closets, they are connected (secretly).

mama's closet Kiddo's Closet

I sew over here…

Sewing Nook Craft Shelf

This room has amazing windows, so it is bright/sunny year round, which makes for a bit of extra inspiration. My kids have an easel that is set up at all times so we can paint at a second’s notice – and we often do.

Easel and Table

We have a small gallery in one of the corners – and of course art is displayed throughout our entire house as well. I love having my sewing machine out at all times for quick mending, patching or just a spare 1/2 hour during a spontaneous crafting adventure. We always have several projects going on around here. I’m pretty into knitting and most of that I do in a different room where I can curl up in a cozy spot.

I love the fact that I can keep things very accessible for whatever project I happen to be in the mood for.

Scrap Fabric

Scrap fabric is very inspirational! The closet is filled with nearly every art medium one could think of. We have window crayons, colored pencils, paints of all sorts, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, feathers, playdough, papers of all sorts, stickers, stencils, stamps, the list goes on and on. We’re art pack rats!

Craft Nook

I challenge you to create an art nook or space for crafting in your home. It doesn’t have to be an entire room by any means…but even a closet or corner of a room will do. Space for art is important these days – especially since there is less and less art in the public school system. I love to keep our options open and always have the supplies and space available for my kids to create whenever they might feel the desire. And, I love love love having the space for myself as well, it has always been a wish of mine, and I’m a lucky lucky Mama to have it in my pretty Montana home.

Happy Creating – Happy Crafting!

Er at least most of it.

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