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Mama Loves Oils, Page 2

Essential Oils keep us healthy and happy.


Arrowleaf Balsamroot = Spring

It is May in the west of North America, and the Arrowleaf Balsamroot are warming the hillsides. This medicinal treasure is found …

Dandy Lover

It’s Dandy Time!

I’m a gigantic fan of dandelions. Our bees need them, they are resilient, full of vitamins and nutrients and so freaking happy. …

Balloon and Mullein

Mullein Around

There she is in all her glory – Mullein. This plant can be found during every season in Montana. I often catch …

Poplar Coming Up Rainbows


The aroma of the cottonwood bud and resin is intoxicating. This is the time of year I notice it the most, although …

Dried Mint Leaves

Mint Magic

Mint comes in many forms, but I personally think Mentha piperita harbors the most magic. This variety is probably most well known. …

Chamomile Dried

Chamomile Calm

Chamomile or Camomile (interchangeable) means ‘earth apple’ in Greek. You might be familiar with pineapple weed? I bet you tasted it, growing …

Hops Infusing

Hops Love

There are a plethora of herbs in this world that will bring a bit of peace to your soul, and hops happens …

Spring Yarden Herbs

The Thyme is Now

Our Rainbow Plant of the week is Thyme. Thymus vulgaris is the garden variety we’ll delve into. You might be very familiar …

Pink Calendula Coming Up Rainbows

Calendula Magic

I find special magic in a lot of plants, but the magic found in calendula is extra. This is our second ‘Rainbow …