Willa’s Quilt


I decided I didn’t want this blog to be all about my projects because I have an amazing circle of crafty Mama friends – so I’d like to share some of their projects too. We used to have a little gathering once a week (before kiddos) that we called the Sharing Shack. We’d share our talents with friends and learn all kinds of new crafty things from one another. I had a stained glass night one night (my friend Syd and I taught how to do a simple stained glass project (very simple since it was in one night) other activities I can recall included candle making, stop motion movies, crocheting rugs with old sheets, screen printing, Ukrainian egg decorating, the list goes on. We’ve got friends with skills!

Anywho – that kind of fizzled out after everyone started having babies about 6 years ago…so I started up a Wednesday night crafting night for Mama’s again (this year) and it has been on hold because of a photography class, but I plan to start it up again next Wednesday. One of our Wednesday nights a few months again Erin and Willa came to join us. Usually we craft after the big kids are sleeping, but little babes are always welcome and my favorite addition to craft night. Willa crawled about sucking on things and smiling at us while we knit, embroidered, crocheted and crafted. Erin was working on a quilt for her sweet little Willa so I asked her if she would share. She was at a point that night where she was hand stitching around some colorful little donkeys. She put the fabrics in a rather large embroidery ring and used thread to match the donkey she was working on and stitched around the body. It was a slow but adorable process. She told me she wouldn’t hand stitch around each of them (as that would take forever) but pick and choose a few here and there.

Donkey Detail

I fell in love with Erin’s project because I actually have my own stash of donkey material that I’m not quite sure what to do with yet. I love quilting inspiration. I’m going to do it someday darn it, a whole quilt by myself! I keep saying I am so I must.

Quilt Detail

Look at how crafty this Mama is! I love your quilt pieces. You did an amazing job!

And we’ll finish up with a Willa shot. Thanks for sharing your crafty skills with us Erin and the photos of your sweet baby girl!

Willa Quilt

Happy Crafting! And please share your projects with me Mamas!

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